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Castrated him, friends said bitterly

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Castrated him, friends said bitterly

Postby zacharczuk1 » Wed May 20, 2015 11:14 pm

The policeman could not stand it and laughed. The conflict was defused.
- Was the first victim of frost?
- At first, I thought it is a classic specimen of freezing, but something bothered me - said the lifeguard has a serious voice. - Look at his face.
Wierzowiecki bent over the body, scooping fresh layer of snow and flinched as he saw the face of the deceased frozen grimace insane terror.
- What is that? He died of fright, or what?
- That's what I thought. When we arrived, the guy was undeniably dead and basically at this point, our role is over. I thought that probably died of a heart attack from fear, but what could so terrify? He lay there like now and not immediately noticed it. It was only when I left, I noticed a discoloration of snow around the waist of the deceased. It interested me to such an extent that I started to wonder.
The policeman looked at the corpse again. The dead man lay on his stomach, with his left leg bent and the knee and groin, as if trying to attract her chest. Bent at the elbows hands niknęły under the body.
- A strange position - he said. - He fell, clutching his stomach? After an attempt to cushion the fall-handed unconditional reflex! And if he was unconscious, then zaryłby face of the earth, and did not turn his head to the side. And would any injuries. Sprawling nose, forehead ...
- Well - he confirmed lifeguard and parted the white fluff next to the corpse. There was another layer of snow, but this was no longer white. - Let me help reverse it - he said.
By joining forces turned the body on the back. Dead hands clenched on the handle were planted in the abdomen tool.

The man has not received a mortal blow circle benches. When rescuers drove off, and the body was taken, Assistant once again looked at the surroundings. Passing a tree growing right on the corner of the square, he noticed traces of blood on the trunk. More or less at the height of the abdomen of the victim. It interested him. He brought the car broom used to odgarniania snow from the windows and began gently odmiatać http://eudene2.unne.edu.ar/index.php?op ... &id=106618
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http://polinter.edu.co/index.php?option ... &id=114443 white down, count up before, where's probably walking wounded before he fell near the benches in the middle of the square. Caution was moving on his lap, ignoring the mocking attention a few onlookers. After a moment he had quite wet pants, but it also did not pay attention, because his eyes suddenly appeared snow colored in pink.
Enough it took a long time before he got to the place where body was found, but when he stood up and looked back, he saw a narrow path, densely dotted with spots of red. He missed her bow, he returned to the tree, and repeated shoveling snow, this time in the opposite direction. No effect. He tried a little to the side. Same. After an hour of snow around the tree it was exactly odmieciony, but traces of blood have not appeared anywhere else. Jurczyk had to be attacked right here on the corner. He managed to reach the center of the square, where he collapsed and died. Only those hands clenched on the knife ... and from which blood on a tree trunk?

Wierzowiecki in frustration stared at the files. Briefcase was thin, because it was frighteningly little data. Preliminary opinion of the pathologist confirmed the speculation lifeguard. One blow a long, narrow knife. Death occurred shortly afterwards, not earlier than ten and no later than at midnight. Because of the strong frost doctor refused to narrowing of the period.
The tool is left in the wound. On the knife, but old and almost completely worn off fingerprints, were the only fingerprints of the deceased. It was not uncommon. Knife certainly passed through several hands, even if the seller before he found himself in the abdomen Paul Jurczyk. The killer probably had the gloves and the victim involuntarily clenched her hands on the knife. Maybe even he tried to get him out?
Wierzowieckiego wondered what else. The dead man had injured his hands on the outer side and everything pointed to the fact that these injuries had been caused by a fall. How is it possible that falling, Jurczyk has not released the knife and did not try to insure his hands? He did not live in the fall? Impossible, because the fingers rozwarłyby automatically at the time of death. No, I have to die, already lying and weight held hands in this position.
Jurczyk was a rich man, and there were several people who wished him very well, but among them the commissioner did not see the potential perpetrator. Competitors in the business of satisfaction they receive the news of the bankruptcy or severe financial loss least, but why would they kill? It would not have gained by it. Wife inherit property, and that it has already participated in running the company, it was obvious that after the death of her husband will do next.
Someone from the staff? Probably not. Restaurant great prospered, but her Jurczyk was still the owner of several shops. The staff liked him, but claimed under the very changed for the worse since he got married a year ago. He became greedy and began to treat the staff much more sharply than previously. Sure wife demanded money, saying with a slight amusement. No they endured while Jurczykowej. Asked about the boss, they defined it briefly: "Bitch". Some even bluntly. So that she should be the aim, if indeed any of the employees wanted revenge.
As the world world of money was one of the main reasons why people chose to committing the crime. The young wife and old, rich husband. Apparently scheme, but who knows? He not so far met with Sabina Jurczyk. The death of her husband informed her fellow policewoman and relationships Janusz knew that the woman was shocked. But time was running inexorably and every minute decreased the chances of finding the perpetrator. The widow will have to get their act together and answer some questions. He gives her until tomorrow, but that's it.
For peace of mind he decided yet to see past the corpse in terms of crime. Paul Jurczyk enjoyed a spotless reputation, but you never know. Sometimes, mistakes of youth result in tragedy after years.
He called a pathologist. He wanted to remind you that you have not got even a preliminary opinion. He started to speak, but the doctor interrupted him unceremoniously. Now, he said, and Wierzowiecki was stupid, unable to believe what he heard.
- How is it suicide? Porąbało you? Himself plunged the knife into the belly ?!
- Calm down, there is nothing so excited. I admit it was a strange way to kill yourself, but not impossible. They helped me these traces of blood on the trunk. Most likely guy put a knife to her stomach and punched him in that tree. It has scarred the fingers from the inner side and wound correspond to the knife blade. Can you try it, only not with a knife, just one kill me. We rehearsed it and it came to us, so that you can kill a man as stubborn. I write opinion today.
Assistant hung up the http://hsam.rcm.upr.edu/index.php?optio ... &id=240218
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http://upse.edu.ec/index.php?option=com ... &id=284816 phone, sat down behind his desk and looked at the briefcase Jurczyk. Case closed. Wepnie even the opinion of the pathologist and the archive ...
He remembered commissioned searching, looked at the screen and froze. It's probably impossible! Before becoming law-abiding citizen, Paul Jurczyk was a suspect in the Cieszyn conducted by the police. It was about trafficking in stolen cars. The case was closed and Jurczyk mocked a suspended sentence.
And everything would be fine if not for the fact that the fingerprints contained in the database does not show any resemblance to the fingerprints of the deceased. Who was the man who in a Christmas night pierced with a knife on Bielsko square?
The similarity of the two men was so great that in principle they could not be distinguished. Which of these is Paul Jurczyk and why they look the same?
Intrigued by Janusz called Cieszyn, and soon in cooperation with the Cieszyn police officer determined that there was only one Paul Jurczyk. Car Thief and the businessman was the same person, except that in five years changed his fingerprints. In both cases, there could be no mistaking during daktyloskopowania and have not made an error when entering data into the database.

The time was approaching when you will have to decide what to do next. Wierzowiecki did not want to apply for remission, as the case Jurczyk still did not give him rest, but he realized that it had no strong reasons for an extension of the investigation. Stuck in place. Suddenly he realized that he had forgotten something important. Jurczyk fingerprints embarrassed not double checked the latter, taken from the fingers of the deceased are present in the system.
They were there. There was also something more.

Nettle aspirant stared at the tired face Wierzowieckiego.
- Are you kidding? You just ran a half Polish, to ask about suicide? Are you there, in Bielsko, phones do not have?
- Not everything can be arranged by phone. Tell me one thing. Are you sure that fingerprints were entered into the database imprints of your suicide?
Nettle turned red. He stood up so violently that precipitated foot set off the chair back and hit the wall. He paid no attention to it. He rested his hands on the desk and glared looked at sub-commissary.
- What are you, whore, you imagine? You can come here and insult me ​​?! Maybe you have a brothel in the documents, but with us is in order. Anyway, I do not need you confess, you shit to how we work.
- Do not get mad, Jarek. I did not say that you have a brothel - Wierzowiecki said in a conciliatory tone. - I had to ask, because something's up. Give me five minutes - he asked, seeing that nettle again preparing for the verbal attack. - Then you can decide whether I'm right or unnecessarily dopierdalam to a closed case.
- Speak! - He decided aspirant.
Janusz sat down and started talking. As he spoke, his listener's curiosity grew. He began to ask questions. Five minutes long passed, but none of them paid any attention. When Wierzowiecki told about finding new fingerprint database Paul Jurczyk, Nettle interjected again.
- They were in the database?
- Imagine that. They belonged to your suicide.
- Now that przegiąłeś! It has to be some kind of joke?
- And what, you think telepałbym from Bielsko to Kielce, to make fun of? See for yourself!
Upset Janusz tossed on the desk briefcase with the case file. Nettle opened it and began to view documents. When he came to the end, in his eyes there was no anger.
- Go away to the cafeteria. Eat something, drink coffee ... I need to find files Poruta, and it will take some time.
- What poruta?
- Do not poruta, only Porut. Marek Porut, my suicide.

t was an ordinary, hard-working man. Until in 2010 came the accumulation of the lotto. Then he became very wealthy man, http://istlyr.edu.ar/index.php?option=c ... er&id=9777
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http://ipsca.edu.my/index.php?option=co ... r&id=29499
http://bibliotecas.medellin.upb.edu.co/ ... r&id=61298
http://giantstrides.crs.gov.ng/index.ph ... &id=131434 and that recklessly boasted of winning, he has also become an attractive person socially. I might have ended up like so many unfortunate lucky ones for whom victory was the beginning of the fall, if not a woman. From the moment the meeting Sabina Kalicki Porut changed completely.
Castrated him, friends said bitterly, having convinced himself that the day-to-day dried up spring free drinks, and former founder trips to the elegant premises of their sponsor. Next it was just worse. After two months of knowing Mark married the beautiful Sabina, and this firmly cut the umbilical cord connecting it with colleagues. That is why the news of his suicide not really surprised them. Sure he could no longer bear living in captivity!
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