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Use this forum to submit requests to mirror an open source project, be it your own project, or just a project you would like to see hosted here

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Postby zptuismzy » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:30 pm

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According to the bills passed by New York state's assembly and senate, the property extends to a depth of only a smidgeon more than 146 feet from Manhattan's First Avenue. That means any new building there would be much closer to the street than the main Secretariat building, and correspondingly more vulnerable to terrorist assault. Functions are spread in buildings throughout the city.

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The animation for the show is very fluid and even when they do some trick animation of speeding things up far too fast everything maintains a clean feel with no visible break up. They take up a good portion of the screen and look great even if they're completely covered in fluids as there is a lot of detail to their designs. The show has a really soothing ending song which is allowed to play for nearly a minute here in the main menu loop instead of the standard thirty seconds.

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